WOD: 6-13-13

GS: 12 min AMRAP of:

30 second Hollow Hold
30 second max Push Ups
30 second Superman Hold

WOD:  For time:

2000M Row

Rest 3 minutes

L1: 200 Flutter Kicks (add time as comment)

L2: 40 Toes to Bar for time (add as comment)

16 minute time limit



That’s you jumping with joy because of how pumped you are to do a 2000M Row for time.  If you have never become a shell of your former self due to this long sprint, you are certainly in for a treat.  We could go into pacing methods for the row (500-1000-500 is the way to go), but I promise that it will feel amazing no matter how you do it.  Please note that both the Row and the post WOD activities have to be done inside the 16 minute time limit.  This may feel like a lot of time, but the post WOD will take forever once you can no longer move.

Much longer,



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